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Termogamma Energy Solutions

Lugano, none

Termogamma Group specializes in custom-built energy efficiency SOLUTIONS for industrial processes and non-industrial buildings. Our company is noted for its Termogamma-brand high-efficiency INTEGRATED ENERGY technologies (heating, cooling and on-site electricity). Our core systems are based on the principles of cogeneration, trigeneration, free-cooling, waste heat recovery, and biomass to energy

location_on Lugano, Switzerland
Denim Jeans

Cogeneration & Trigeneration systems (REC+)

REC+ is an energy system designed to dramatically reduce the energy costs of medium and large energy consumers. It provides two or more kinds of energy simultaneously such as electrical energy, thermal energy and cooling. Its core is an internal combustion engine which can be powered by different kinds of fuel (ideally natural gas - but other possibilities are diesel, LPG, biogas, biomethane). In addition to lower energy costs, REC+ ensures drastic reduction of CO2 emissions.

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