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1 year ago
Ref : IN-N000083A000003

Looking for local partner to sell CHP/CCHP units in India

Termogamma Energy Solutions
Termogamma is willing to expand its business in India. Termogamma Group is currently looking for distributors working in power generation sector.

Termogamma is an established and well-know company which produces CHP and CCHP systems. Termogamma systems works mainly in industrial and commercial facilities from 50kWe to 530kWe and they are distinguished in two different types: one line of the systems is represented by standardized CHP machines (ECO Models); the other line instead is focused on the creation of tailored-made energy-solutions according to the specific need of the clients (REC+ Models).

Some of our main features are: a) We are able to develop plug & play, indoor or outdoor systems; b) We can provide a personalized remote control system through which our clients can freely and instantaneously check the performance of the system; c) For the maintenance & commercial departments we ask to our international partner to have at least one trainging course; d) For the size mentioned above we are mainly using MAN / Tedom engines.

We are currently looking for new partners in India working in cogeneration or power generation sector. We can potentially develop a new interesting cooperation for expanding together our market in India.

We would be available to discuss further if you would need more information. We look forward to hearing from you.